Our Management Team

Jean-Philippe Bourgoin, PhD, CEO & Co-Founder
Dr. Jean-Philippe Bourgoin obtained his PhD at IQC in 2014 following research focused on satellite-based quantum cryptography. His expertise include quantum optics, free-space optical communication, optical propagation modelling and time-correlation of single photon detections.

Prof. Michael Reimer, PhD, CSO & Co-Founder
Dr. Michael Reimer has led fundamental contributions in nanophotonics and quantum information for the development of novel quantum detectors and bright quantum light sources in semiconductor nanowires. He brings over 20 years of experience in optics and 10 years of experience in quantum optics. Dr. Reimer also has extensive experience in the nanofabrication of advanced quantum devices as well as device testing for electro-optical devices and quantum detectors.

Partnership with Single Quantum
We are pleased to announce we are now the official Canadian distributor for Single Quantum www.singlequantum.com.